Tudor Ventilation

Invisible & Semi Visible

Whether ventilating roof spaces, soil pipes, or used as mechanical extraction outlets, Tudor offers two solutions.

Any of our clay ridge, or even clay plain tiles, can have vent openings manufactured in the ridge/tile.

More often used nowadays are the Under-Tile and the In-Tile vent systems which are made of durable 'plastic'.
Each of these systems comprise of three parts. The vent, flexi-pipe and vent to pipe adapter. Each part can be bought seperately.

Tudor Roof vent under-tile under-tile vent

Under-Tile (patented design)

Tudor have patented a unique UNDER-TILE venting system, designed to complement the company's range of hand made clay tiles and fittings. The system has been developed with the co-operation of County Planning Building Control.
A unique feature of Tudor roof tiles is the large degree of cross camber. The venting system takes advantage of this feature, with an average gap between the top tile and the pair beneath of approximately 6mm tapering to nothing, giving a venting space of 480mm² per tile.
For 12 Tudor peg or plain tiles this provides a total of approximately 9,000mm².
Suitable for soil and mechanical venting pipe systems where an external pressure test is not required.
Simple to Install
Completely Invisible Under-Tile Design
New Build or Renovation
9,000 mm² Minimum per unit Venting
New Design Accepts 'warm roofing' Installation
For the purpose of roof space, mechanical and soil pipe venting, the system is deemed to comply with relevant building regulations.
The invisible Under-Tile Vent skirt measures 1980mm x 455mm x 1.5mm, with a vent mouth sized at 265mm x 42mm.

Please note that venting performance with other brands of tiles may be compromised by the tile flatness.

UTV Fixing Guide

Tudor Roof vent in-tile in-tile vent

In-Tile (hidden design)

The Tudor IN-TILE Vent is a low profile polycarbonate/polypropylene design, manufactured exclusively for Tudor Roof Tiles by industry renowned Hambleside Danelaw Ltd. of Northampton.
Each unit provides a free vent area of 6,100 mm2, and is suitable for soil and mechanical venting pipe systems where an external pressure test is not required.
Each unit is able to be covered with tiles using a good grade building adhesive as described in the fixing guide. This is done on site during the roofing work so as to use tiles taken from the batch supplied. This ensures minimal visibility.
Simple to Install (even retrospectively)
Semi visible
New Build or Renovation
6,100 mm² per unit venting
Can be used with any brand of clay plain tiles

The semi-visible In-Tile Vent measures 310mm x 330mm. Supplied complete with fitting instructions.

ITV Fixing Guide