Factory Photos

Tile Works

Here are a few photos of tile making on our factory. Please call us to arrange a factory visit.

The Etruria Marl clay we use is delivered ready processed and quality checked.... then its literally all 'hand on'.

start with the clay
the mould
put sand in the mould
put sand in the mould
now place the clay
extra clay forms nibs
bang mould twice
bang twice for hardness
the clay pressed
the clay pressed
cut the back to get correct thickness
cut the thickness
remove from mould
remove from mould
remove excess
trim clay excess
drying tray
on drying tray
drying tray stillage
drying stillage ready for drying

That is the tile made .... then it is dried for a minimum of 6 days to remove 99.8% of the moisture. Each tile is then fired to approximately 1080 degree C which takes 33 hours. When cool, tiles are sorted for quality and colour, palletised and wrapped, then sent to stock area (currently holding over 1,000,000 tiles) ready for delivery.

put in the kiln
load in kiln
fired & sorted
fired & sorted
ready for delivery
ready for delivery