Historic - Listed - Architectural

Tudor Roof Tile Co Ltd offers a wide range of bespoke and non-standard peg and plain clay roof tiles designed to match the varied sizing requirements of old and historic buildings in order to help renovators replicate and preserve the architectural integrity and original character of older properties.

These individual sizes and shapes can also be tailored to modern specifications in order to make new build projects truly unique.

Bespoking for Old or New Buildings

The Royal Charter of 1477 decreed that English clay peg tiles should be 10½” x 6½”. In reality this decree was rarely followed, but as clay plain tiles became popular alternatives, the Charter size was slowly adopted. Peg tiles continued to vary until the late 19th Century when they standardised at 10” x 6”. Therefore, the sizes of peg and plain tiles found on historic buildings diverge significantly. Tudor Roof Tile believes that it is important, when restoring old roofs, to respect these regional differences, as even the slightest deviation from the original size can damage the overall appearance of an old property.

For older buildings, Tudor Roof Tile produces bespoke peg and plain clay roof tile sizes, to any like for like dimensions. Their gentle double camber, subtle tones and textures and meticulous detailing recreate the time weathered look of the historic peg tiles. They can be further tailored to include either square or round peg holes to accommodate a variety of wooden or metal pegs, or simply include standard nibs on the back for more modern methods of construction.

For modern new build buildings, Tudor Roof Tile produces handmade clay roof tiles of truly unique proportions. One example is the 400mm long and 100mm wide tiles for Kings College School Wimbledon music dept. project 2018, which required exceptional handmaking and kiln firing skills. Tudor will work closely with architects to produce unique shapes from original drawings, such as this hip tile [see images following], which required several prototypes and site visits to ensure the design was successful.

Whatever your requirements, we at Tudor believe that we can:

- Supply exactly what you need.

- Deliver most bespoke design tile or fitting within 4 - 6 weeks from order.

- Cost less than any other UK made alternative.

- Offer durability guarantees on all bespoke products.

- Make all products in Britain only