Why Us ?

Enhance your home with Tudor Roof Tiles

A new roof is probably one of the most important purchases you will make for your home, so why compromise?

There are many valid reasons to choose Tudor Roof Tiles, from just a roof covering to a roof others will envy - but here are our top tips on how choosing Tudor’s handmade roof tiles could be one the best decisions you ever make!

English made

Traditional peg and plain tile roofs have defined the English architectural landscape for many centuries. That is why at Tudor, we use native English clays, local sands and ancient British handmaking techniques to continue our country’s age-old tradition of tile making. As we are located in Lydd, the home of the Kent Peg Tile, we can also offer our customers sustainable quality-controlled products, without international transport costs and import tariffs, backed by full UK consumer protection and local aftersales support.

Value for Money

At Tudor we do not sell on price, but on our exceptional value. Our customers are drawn to our superlative English aesthetic, top quality performance and the longevity of our products. We pride ourselves on being the best in our field and, like most high value designer products, our handmade tiles have a timeless transforming beauty that can be appreciated for many years to come.


The unique qualities of our handmade clay tiles are much sought-after by homeowners wanting to make their new roof a real design feature of their home. Our range of natural colours can be blended to enhance any style or age of property. As each tile has its own subtle variations of tone, camber and texture, they combine to make your roof truly individual and unique.


According to the BRE, clay roof tiles are A+ rated for low environmental impact. Old roof tiles at the end of life can be salvaged, crushed or re-used. At Tudor we examine the entire lifecycle of our tiles from the clay quarry to the roof. Our modern energy efficient kiln minimises emissions, 97% of all waste produced is recycled and, manufacturing in Kent helps to ensure a much lower carbon footprint than imported roof tiles.

Historic authenticity

Down through the centuries, subject to a Royal Charter by King Edward IV in 1477, English HANDMADE tiles have been used by the greatest of English architects and influential leaders of design. William Morris, the founder of the Arts & Crafts movement had HANDMADE tiles on his own home ‘The Red House'. Sir Edwin Lutyens preferred tile over slate as did CFA Voysey and MH Baillie Scott to name a few. Tudor still makes it's tiles to be as those favoured by these historical greats.

Award winning manufacturing company

In business reputation is everything! At Tudor we have an impeccable track record, based on many years of manufacturing experience and customer service. Our products, and the outstanding projects we are involved with, have been recognised not just by loyal customers, contractors and architects, but in a string of prestigious self-build, architectural and roofing industry awards.