What We Do

Tudor manufacture Handmade clay roof tiles (peg tiles and plain tiles).

We use the basic skills and raw materials proven throughout history.

The formed and dried tiles are then fired (baked) in a modern technically advanced kiln in order to give the best durability possible.


Peg tiles go back as far back as the 12th and 13th centuries, a time when every English town and village would have had its own clay brick and tile-maker.

Tile sizes varied from region to region until a Royal Charter of 1477 standardised sizes to 10½” x 6¼”, although Kent peg tiles typically remained at 10" x 6".

Down through the centuries, HANDMADE English tiles have been used by the great English architects and influential leaders of design movements.

William Morris, the founder of the English Arts & Craft’s movement had HANDMADE tiles on his own home ‘The Red House’.

Sir Edwin Lutyens, CFA Voysey and MH Baillie Scott, to name a few.

Follow in these great designers’ footsteps and consider truly HANDMADE tiles from the craftsmen at Tudor for your next project.


Tudor is the largest independent handmade only clay roof tile manufacturer in England, and it's craftsmen use only the highest quality materials to create stunning traditional handmade clay tiles, which protect and enhance your property.

Tudor's handmade clay tiles are a high-quality option for any homeowner undertaking a heritage project or looking to create an authentic period feel on a new build

Made by hand in their South East of England factory, they are the roof tiles recommended by architects, planners and conservation officers

"Perfect for clients who wish to recreate the historic hand made look, whilst still having the dependability and guarantee of a new tested product.

Those who are looking to source English made materials that combine traditional aesthetics with modern quality standards will not be dissapointed."

Bespoke Designs

Tudor Roof Tiles have worked to with clients to develop bespoke tiles many times over the past 35 years.

Using each expertize, they have developed larger and smaller peg tiles to suit many ideals.

Additionally, tile edges can be 'distressed' by Tudor's craftsmen individually forming each edge during the final stage of the clay-work

Rest assured this extra work is done using the same personal skills and historic craftsmanship.

Tudor tiles are not just English style tiles, they are MADE IN ENGLAND, by English craftsmen using skill passed down over the years.

Tudor also make the custom shapes and sizes of tiles needed for circular cones, hips and ridges.