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A great roof is about great roof tiles. Equally, its about technical expertise and experience. It’s about outstanding products, quick supply and reliable delivery. It's about the trust you have in a supplier who understands your aspirations. That’s why at Tudor, we put far more into a roof tile than just clay.


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Choosing a roofing material is a key decision when building or renovating a home, as the roof is a dominant feature of the building. Traditionally made from locally available materials, clay tiles have always encompassed pleasing aesthetics with durability.

When used as exterior wall cladding, they are an excellent way to add character to modern properties, including those which may already have ordinary and unattractive machine made clay or concrete tiles on the roof.

Years of Experience and Handmade Tradition

When good experience matters.

Using the finest English clay, traditional hand making skills and the latest computer controlled kiln firing technology, we have an enviable experience in handmade clay tiles and fittings. This enables us to offer advise, technical expertise and an acknowledged 'AAA' customer service. All products conform to BS:EN 1304 CE Mark.


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Our roof tiles are available from all leading building and roofing merchants.

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Tudor is the largest independent hand made only roof tile manufacturer in the UK.

Tudor Roof Tiles provide a comprehensive range of colours in clay. At our modern manufacturing plant in Lydd on the Romney Marsh, our craftsmen form and shape the product to your exacting specifications. Our popular Peg and Plain tiles are available in traditional sand faced colours as standard. Giving the ultimate look, no two Tudor products are identical. Variations in thickness, colour and size create a truly unique roof. All Tudor tiles have the advantage of being performance guaranteed.

When used as exterior wall cladding, hanging handmade tiles are an excellent way to add character to modern properties. Hanging tiles boost 'kerb appeal' to buildings which already have ordinary and unprepossessing machine made clay or concrete tiles on the roof.

Handmade Traditional Plain and Peg Clay Roof Tiles

Tudors Traditional Handmade Clay Roof Tile Range

Tudor’s classic handmade plain and peg clay roof tiles are crafted and formed to be the greatest roof tile on the market. Our craftsmen use only the highest quality materials to create stunning traditional handmade clay tiles, which can withstand the harsh weather the UK has to offer.

Experience is essential; using the latest technology gives us the ability to perfect the manufacturing process, ensuring that each clay tile is thoroughly checked allowing us to catch any imperfections before being released for projects and home renovations.

Choosing the right clay tile for your project or home renovation can be a daunting task, which is why our experts are on hand to help. We are experts with extensive knowledge; we can walk you through every step and send out tile samples, ensuring your money is spent on the right product.

We believe in excellent customer service and going the extra mile to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience. Take a look at our extensive range of traditional handmade plain and peg roof tiles made at our factory in Romney Marsh, Kent. Available Nationwide, to find out more please call us on: 0179 732 0202.