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Tudor Handmade Clay Roof Tiles are available from all leading building and roofing merchants. Samples available upon request.

Choosing a roofing material is a key decision when building or renovating a home as the roof is a dominant feature of the building. Traditionally made from locally available materials, clay tiles have always encompased pleasing aesthetics with durability. Tudor Roof Tiles manufacture in Kent using traditional making skills, and baked to exacting standards using a modern technological kiln. Both Peg and Plain tiles are offered in a wide range of traditional colours. No two Tudor tiles are identical, with variation in shape, colour, thickness and size. In this way, they give a sympathetic ‘time weathered’ appearance with the advantage of being performance guaranteed. When used as exterior wall cladding, they are an excellent way to add character to modern properties, which may already have ordinary and unprepossessing machine made clay or concrete tiles on the roof.

New for 2015 Tudor Roof Tiles is pleased to announce the availability of the Romney Roof Tile range. Designed and made with an added stage within the hand making processes, Romney tiles have more uniformity in size and shape, but without losing the aesthetic appeal. Currently featuring Rural Grey, Rustic Red and Russet Brown, their gentle camber and fine textured sand face make the Romney tiles perfect for town and city roofs alike.