Oast Houses in Kent - Tudor Roof Tiles

by Tudor Roof Tiles

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Oast houses were designed to dry hops which, in the 17th century, became a vital ingredient in the brewing of beer

Thanks to hops the modern British drink of 'bitter' beer was born.

Oast houses must surely be the iconic buildings of Kent. The conical roofs were (and are) regularly covered with clay peg tiles which have a tapered dimension in order to form the circular cone.

Looking at the photograph, when viewed from this angle, the skill of the roofer has to be appreciated.

It would be remiss of us to feature Oasts without also linking to our Oast conservation friends at Dude & Arnette.

Award winning Dude & Arnette, as Oast roof specialists and experts, believe that Tudor Roof Tiles offer the best handmade peg tiles.

They say "Based and manufactured in Kent, Tudor quality tiles each have unique variations that would have also been evident in the original tiled roof."

Whether you have an oast house or a more regular roofing project, Tudor handmade clay tiles are a perfect choice.

Tudor Roof Tiles. All made here in England. Proud to be British

Dude & Arnette link

tudor tiles on oast house
oast work in progress
oast with tudor roof tiles
after cladding with tudor roof tiles