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access_timeOriginal Posted December 2018

Long time advocates of Tudor Roof Tiles, Barbour ABI herald the fact of Tudor wining Best roofing product award for the 2nd time.

Many thanks go to Barbour for their continued exposure for Tudor Roof Tiles.

Tudor wins “Best Roofing product” award for 2nd time

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Independent handmade clay roof tile manufacturer Tudor Roof Tiles Co Ltd has received a ‘Build It Award’ for its range of ‘Bespoke Handmade Clay Roof Tiles’.

This is the second time the company has claimed the award.

Tudor’s capability to produce traditional looking roof tiles in bespoke and non-standard sizes is vitally important when it comes to restoring historic roofs, where even the slightest deviation from the original variable sizes can damage the overall aesthetic of an older property. This approach has recently been demonstrated through Tudor’s adaptation of its taper tiles for oast restorations to give a more authentic look.

Paul Lythgoe, Managing Director of Tudor Roof Tile Co Ltd said: “We are delighted to have won the roofing category of the Build It Awards for the second time. I am proud of my team’s dedication and skills.

“Such recognition clearly demonstrates the aesthetic importance of genuine craftsmanship in replicating the sizing of historic peg tiles as well as creating completely new and unique designs with a more contemporary appeal. At Tudor we place great emphasis on personal service and working closely with homeowners and architects to meet their exact roof tile requirements.”

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tudor tiles acclaimed by Barbour
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