Tudor Tiles for Holland, Germany, Belgium

Tudor Roof Tiles are pleased to announce their partnership with Leikon of the Netherlands.

leikon logo

Leikon was founded in 1976 and initially developed as a major importer of slates to the Netherlands.

From 1990 they also started to import high quality and exclusive roofing materials, including clay tiles.

Nowadays Leikon is the only company in the Netherlands with a full range of slates and clay tiles which now includes exclusive tiles from Tudor Roof Tiles.

“We are proud to be the exclusive importer for Holland, Germany, Belgium .. for Tudor Roof Tiles high quality handmade tiles” (Hans van Loon – Owner).


Burgemeester Brokkenstraat 1
T: +(31) 416 330 831
W: www.leikon.nl
E: info@leikon.nl
Li: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/leikondak