2017-18 Quality Test Certificates

Each year, as required by legislation, all roof tile manufacturers, supplying in or to the UK need to have their quality audited.

This year, as with every other year, Tudor was subjected to it’s audit by Lucideon (formerly CERAM) of Stoke-on-Trent.

The resultant certificates showing passes in testing of Freeze-Thaw, Flexural Strength and Water Impermeability are published on the Tudor website


2016 freeze thaw test

Xmas Promotion – Lower Prices


Peg tiles and Ornamental tiles at the same price as Plain Tiles

As second hand reclaim tiles are often in short supply or expensive, Tudor’s handmade peg and plain tiles can offer a compatible and cost effective alternative.

Available in a number of mellow tones, with variable textures and a gently undulating single or double camber, our tiles are produced with or without nibs and in both standard and non-standard sizes.  With our expertise and knowledge of our craft, we can help you protect your roof and conserve your heritage.

With our Xmas Peg tile and Ornamental tile promotion, we hope to help our customers create their visually stunning roofs, whilst saving money at the same time.

During the next 10 weeks, all standard size peg and ornamental tiles from Tudor will be prices at the same cost as Tudor Plain tiles.


Kent peg tiles go back as far back as the 12th and 13th centuries. They were named after the softwood pegs, which were driven through two holes in the top edge of the tiles, attaching them to the laths or battens.

Though predominantly used in the South East of England, these attractive peg tiles, are proving to be a popular in other areas of the UK.  Our nibbed versions are also used in newer period properties dating from the nineteenth century onwards.


At one time, every town and village had its own kiln and tile-maker. The variation of colour, texture and the unevenness of these regional tiles were largely determined by the mix of the clay and aggregates, and the temperature and length of time in the kiln.

Tudor continues to use age-old, traditional skills and craftsmanship, combined with modern firing techniques in order to produce characterful sand-faced tiles that not only have an individual and idiosyncratic aesthetic, but also meet today’s performance standards.

Available with square or round peg holes or with nibs on the underside, they are suitable for both ancient and modern building methods.


As planners in conservation areas often insist on ‘like for like’ handmade replacements, it is important not only to pay attention to their tone and texture, but also their sizing.

Regular sizes are very much a modern phenomenon.  The reality is that, despite the Royal Charter of 1477 decreeing that peg tiles should be 10½” x 6¼”, historic plain and peg tiles have always varied across the country.

When restoring a roof, even the slightest change from the original size can damage the overall aesthetic.  For this reason, Tudor offers non-standard sizes to help you to replicate and preserve the character of your roof.


Historic plain tiles usually have a mellow faded look, which is why our handmade peg tiles are available in traditional subtle shades that create an instant-aged rustic appearance, making them ideal for restoration projects.


Whatever your restoration project, remember…


Choose genuine handmade tiles – their aesthetic is well suited to period properties and cannot be replicated by cheaper, more uniform machine made tiles.


Complement the built environment – always respect the colour, texture and sizing of your existing roof tiles and those of the surrounding structures.


Consult your local planning office – specific restrictions often apply, particularly in conservation areas.


Add value – choose tiles that will add enhance your property and which you will appreciate for years to come.


Go for quality – use roof tiles that conform to BS EN Standards for strength and frost resistance and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of at least twenty-five years.

Tudor Roof Tiles – Make Your Roof Unique


Wyken Hall restored glory

Wyken Hall, home of award winning Wyken Vineyards, now complimented with award winning Tudor roof tiles.

We are very proud of being able to help keep our English heritage alive. Buildings such as Wyken Hall deserve such TLC.

wyken hall with tudor roof tile

wyken hall roof