Guild master Craftsmen

Delighted to be a member of ‘Guild of Master Craftsmen’.

A sign of quality !

‘I have known about Tudor tiles for over thirty years and traditional building materials, hand crafted by true craftsmen, are part of the fabric of this country. In a mass produced world where imitating old materials is very much the norm, it is fantastic to see a company such as Tudor still producing the genuine article. I recommend them wholeheartedly.’   quote Hugh Bessant, The Guild’s membership assessor.


2016 Frost Resistance certification

Each year, as required by legislation, all roof tile suppliers in the UK need to have their quality audited.

This year, as with every other year, Tudor was subjected to it’s audit by Lucideon (formerly CERAM) of Stoke-on-Trent.

The resultant certificated showing passes in testing of Freeze-Thaw, Fexural Strength and Water Impermeability are published on the Tudor website

2016 freeze thaw test

Team GB prove Britain is Great

Tudor Roof Tiles, as a British manufacturer, sends it’s congratulations to all the team GB competitors.

Brilliant that they won 67 medals including 27 golds.

Also, congratulations to the brilliant performances made by those that were just short of the medal winners ….

All the team proved to the world that Britain is GREAT.

Tudor Roof Tiles congratulates Team GB
British is GREAT -  Proud to be British

2016 – 17 CE Marking & DOP

From 1 July 2013, the CE Marking of all products used in property building covered by harmonised BS EN Standards is legally required. – It is a manufacturer’s confirmation that a product meets all BS EN legislation and is fit for purpose.

Tudor Roof Tiles publishes both the CE Marking Certificate and the Declaration of Performance on it’s website. The latest 2016 documents are to be found at

Declaration of Performance 2016


CE Marking 2016