Oast Roof Experts recommend Tudor Roof Tiles

Tudor ‘s tiles have been formally recommended by Oast roof specialists Dude & Arnette, and are proud to be given a page on their website….. Thanks guys..


Formed in 1937, and now a 4th generation family business, Dude & Arnette are recognised as the UK’s leading restorer and repairer of traditional Kent hop kilns. From royalty to businesses and regular homeowners, they have been the go-to Oast house repair company for over seven decades.


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Health & Safety Visit

Two senior officers of the Health & Safety Executive today inspected Tudor Roof Tile factory.

We often hear stories of how demanding and officious these people are, especially now that they can charge a Fee for Intervention of £129 per hour.

Tudor was found to be without major problems, and the officers therefore were most helpful and informative.

My thanks go to all the staff and contractors at Tudor for helping to prove that we do care about safety, and we try to keep high standards at our workplace.

This again proves the value of good people, and their commitment to Tudor Tiles.

Obviously, this reflects on their roof tile production quality and therefore our customer satisfaction.


Paul John Lythgoe
Managing Director

ParalympicsGB also prove GB is Great

Tudor Roof Tiles, as a British manufacturer, now sends it’s congratulations to all the paralympics team GB competitors.

Outstanding achievement winning 147 medals including a massive 64 golds.

We extend our congratulations to the brilliant performances made by those that were just short of the medal winners ….

Further proof to the world that Britain is GREAT.

paralympics team gb