CE Mark and DOP

Did You Know?

All construction (building) products used in permanent buildings in the UK must have CE Marking and a DOP (Declaration of Performance).

Tudor Roof Tiles stores all it’s quality certificates, including CE and DOP, from past to present, on the Tudor Roof Tiles website.



tudor tiles ce mark 2018


tudor tiles dop 2018

2 thoughts on “CE Mark and DOP

  1. I didn’t actually know this so thank you for the heads up! This certification must be really important for ensuring the quality and safety of roof tiles. I think it’s always a good idea to hire a trustworthy professional if you’re having any work done on your roof because you can be sure that they’ll use the correct tiles.

    1. Its also essential to ask about where the roof tiles are made. Tudor tiles are made in the UK and you can come knocking on our door!

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