Bespoke Hip – start to finish

Tudor Roof Tiles are well known by architects and listed building advisors for the bespoke size and shape service.

From initial concept and the technical drawing (image 1), a clay model is made (image 2). This is to confirm both the drawing and Tudor’s ability to make as required.

image 1
image 2

Then our staff make each tile by hand, but approximately 10% larger as this allows for shrinkage that happens during the drying and firing.

Each tile is dried for 5 to 6 days until completely dry. Sitting in special trays, which are made specially for each particular bespoke job, keeps the tile in shape until drying is finished (image 3).

image 3

The tiles then go into the kiln which after firing to 1100 degree centigrade they are inspected by quality control before going out to the customer (image 4).

image 4

If all is correct, the tiles fit perfectly on the roof and our job is done (image 5).

image 5