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What’s a Blog?

A blog is a series of content (called “posts”) that are usually organized by date with the most recent post showing first. Many blogs also have the posts organized by category for convenient browsing.

They have comment forms at the end of every post that allow the readers to give the author feedback and interact with other readers.

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Why is Tudor Starting its own Blog?

Tudor has for the past few years used it’s website to publish articles of news in an attempt to keep it’s followers aware of what was happening within the business.

TRTBlog is the next step in increasing the visibility of Tudor’s news, and allows its followers an ability to comment or indeed have their own news items published.

Going live on March 1st 2016, the site will evolve over the coming months as we all become more familiar with making the site informative and interesting.

Meet The Service Team

Tudor Roof Tiles issue No. 8 info leaflet.

Number 8 of our info leaflets entitled ‘Meet the Customer Team’

We believe it our staff that puts Tudor ahead of our competitors

This leaflet introduces all our front end team who add value to our customer experience.

The next leaflet will introduce our production team

Printable version downloadable on our e-leaflets page.

Meet the team 1.

Tudor Roof Tiles on Ceramic Temple

Ceramic Artist Sandy Brown’s Exceptional Result


Tudor Roof Tiles is pleased to acclaim the fantastic ceramic temple, designed, built and exhibited by world-renowned artist Sandy Brown.

Not only was this made entirely by hand, Sandy created the worlds largest single piece ceramic sculpture within a 12 month time-frame.

The 2,183 roof tiles were supplied by Tudor to Sandy’s bespoke size and texture.

These, along with the 3,017 wall and floor tiles were hand painted with glaze, then attached to the handmade framework.

Exhibited in Sotherby’s ‘Beyond limits’ at Chatsworth House, the Temple is acknowledged as making a profound impact on contemporary ceramics.

Well done Sandy !!

Why Buy Tudor Tiles?

Tudor Roof Tiles issue No. 7 info leaflet


Number 7 of our info leaflets entitled ‘Why Buy Tudor Tiles?’ has been published and is available from Tudor in both electronic and printed format.

With so many roof tiles available in the UK, what puts Tudor tiles ahead of the others?

This leaflet lists the most important questions that you should ask ANY supplier of roof tiles within the UK.

Printable version downloadable on our e-leaflets page.

Why Buy Tudor Tiles.

Tudor go Solar

Tudor Roof Tiles Help the Environment

November 30th 2015

Work starts today to install 793 solar panels on the factory roof.
The overall project has been 5 months in the planning stages, but now the preparations are complete.
We look forward to publishing ongoing news on our blog, plus on Facebook and Twitter.


Solar at Tudor Roof Tiles