Why Buy Tudor Tiles?

Tudor Roof Tiles issue No. 7 info leaflet


Number 7 of our info leaflets entitled ‘Why Buy Tudor Tiles?’ has been published and is available from Tudor in both electronic and printed format.

With so many roof tiles available in the UK, what puts Tudor tiles ahead of the others?

This leaflet lists the most important questions that you should ask ANY supplier of roof tiles within the UK.

Printable version downloadable on our e-leaflets page.

Why Buy Tudor Tiles.

Tudor go Solar

Tudor Roof Tiles Help the Environment

November 30th 2015

Work starts today to install 793 solar panels on the factory roof.
The overall project has been 5 months in the planning stages, but now the preparations are complete.
We look forward to publishing ongoing news on our blog, plus on Facebook and Twitter.


Solar at Tudor Roof Tiles

Peg Tile Prices 2016

During the past few years, the sourcing of reclaimed, second-hand peg tiles has become increasingly difficult.

This shortage of supply has enabled some manufacturers to raise prices dramatically.

3 years ago, Tudor Roof Tiles decided to ‘buck the trend’ by actually reducing the price of new Kent peg tiles.

The new price allowed property restorers to use genuine handmade peg tiles to return their roofs to former glory.

This proved to be well received by property restorers and conservationists alike, therefore Tudor Roof Tiles will continue to keep the peg tile prices low for the foreseeable future.


Global Products Award 2015

Tudor Roof Tiles receive Global award.

“The 2015 Global Products & Services Awards recognise those professionals whose dedication to providing the very best for their customers, has seen them take their rightful place at the vanguard of their industry.

The awards highlight and pay tribute to those firms whose refusal to compromise their high standards has seen them rise above the competition to cement their position as a leading light in what is becoming an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

All awards are given on merit alone, meaning that only the most deserving firms, departments and individuals are awarded. Each nomination is subject to a rigorous and in-depth judging process, meaning that all successful nominees are truly among the very best in their field.”

A list of winners can be found at globalmedia award winners (on the last 2 pages of the magazine)

Global Award 2015

Tudor Roof Tile Quality

Quality Test Certificates (Frost Resistance, Size & Strength)

The 2015 Tudor Roof Tile Quality audit testing has now been completed by Lucideon (ex CERAM).

This testing is required on all roofing products sold in the UK, and forms an audited and essential basis for the CE marking which is required by law on all building materials sold and used in the UK.

Frost Resistance, Water Impermeability & Flexural Strength are the main certificates that buyers of roof tiles should ALWAYS ensure they have copies of.

Tudor Roof Tiles has current and past copies always available for download from our ‘Tech Info / Docs & Certs & Brochure’ tab on this website.

The 2016 audit is scheduled for September.


Tudor Roof Tile Quality
2015 Frost Testing